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Irs Penalty Abatement

Who would not like his or her IRS tax penalties to be reduced? Almost every one of those who are imposed IRS penalty dream of abatement of their penalties but it is not possible for anyone to get rid of such penalties. IRS penalty abatement refers to the partial or complete elimination of the amount of money you owe to the IRS due to various reasons.

You can request for IRS penalty abatement if you are one of those defaulters in the eyes of IRS department. You would be happy to know that you may be freed from paying penalties if you have a valid reason for non-payment of IRS taxes but you need to have a strong reason for that.

Taxpayer needs to provide proper details of the circumstances under which he or she could not concentrate upon the payment of taxes. You may also need to present documentary evidence for the same. It would be an added advantage if you arrange all the documents that could support and help you in proving your circumstances.

To avail the benefits of IRS penalty abatement, you need to request for it from IRS tax department. As per the US tax law, you would be sent a penalty assessment letter if you do not file your IRS tax properly. You can send IRS penalty abatement request in response to such penalty assessment letter. This is the best way to explain your problems and circumstances to the government.

When and where you make a request for IRS penalty abatement should also be considered. Response to your IRS penalty abatement depends upon your unique case. However, if you have already made a payment against your IRS penalty then the time in which you get your money back does not matter in most of the cases. All that matters is that you get your money back if you hold a valid reason.

You may request for IRS penalty abatement by a written petition to the IRS department, talk verbally with the IRS officials over the telephone or fill up the IRS Form 843 to report your abatement request. Any of the above methods may be followed to abate tax penalty but you need to have a reasonable cause to support the issue.

Types of Tax Abatements 

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  2. j51 tax abatement
  3. 421g tax abatement
  4. 353 tax abatement
  5. 843 abatement form